Zinc Ribbon Manufacturing Process

In order to develop a Zinc Ribbon that is usable in all climates, American Carbon had to drastically change the rules on how the ribbon was made. To first create the ribbon it is extruded, from there it undergoes a number of additional highly controlled and monitored steps to ensure the ribbon can be installed in every installation environment.  During the manufacturing process, the thermal history of the zinc is highly regulated and documented to ensure compliance.  This is one of the requirements to ensure BADGERCORD is pliable and elastic in all installation environments.   With so many reasons for project delays, late starts, and unforeseen conditions the air temperature at installation does not need to be a concern when working with BADGERCORD Zinc Ribbon.

This process has taken years to develop and is largely the reason why BADGERCORD Zinc Ribbon is one of the best performing ribbon anodes available today.

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