Turnkey Titanium

American Carbon has over the past five years become an expert with a broad range of capabilities when it comes to titanium.  From both stock sizes to custom made parts, we have the expertise to meet your needs.  American Carbon found its synergies with titanium in two ways.  First one of the primary materials used to make titanium in the Kroll Process is magnesium and we have been a magnesium expert for over 15 years.  The second is our mixed metal oxide anode and electrode products.  All MMO based parts start with titanium substrate which the MMO coating is added to.  In ensuring we were manufacturing the best available mixed metal oxide anodes, we developed a strong working knowledge of titanium, the different alloys and workability advantages and applications that best benefit from titanium usage.

The primary benefit of titanium is its high strength to weight ratio.  Some other benefits that allow titanium to excel in some unique and perhaps unexpected applications include its relative inert state and anti-corrosive capabilities due to the passivative film that forms on all titanium alloys.  This film prevents corrosion in sea water and open air environments.  It is also quite ductile and has a high melting point and high fatigue resistance.  Titanium is 60% heavier than aluminum but more than twice as strong as 6061-T6 aluminum as well as having the same strength of many low-grade alloy steels with a much lower weight penalty.

By far the largest application for titanium is as a powder additive in the form of TiO2.  While this is outside of American Carbon’s wheelhouse we can advise on this material as needed.  Our primary solutions revolve around machined parts, castings, bending, welding and other mechanical transformations of billets, tubes, bars, and plates.

Industries that benefit from titanium include aerospace structural components (a single Boeing 777 uses an estimated 130,000 lbs), chemical and petrochemical piping and process equipment, marine equipment, high end consumer goods where weight is critical without sacrificing strength, and medical tools and implants.

There are a number of different grades of titanium alloys.  American Carbon finds most applications benefit from either grade 5 or 9.  

Grade 5 titanium also known as Ti6Al4V, Ti-6AL-4V or simply Ti 6-4. Often used in aerospace, chemical processing, marine, and medical applications. This grade is relatively strong and has superior resistance to high temperatures.

Grade 9 titanium also known as Ti-3AL-2.5V. This grade is very similar to grade 5 however it is more suited to welding applications than grade 5 titanium.  This makes it an excellent solution for tube applications.

The applications for titanium are endless and each situation is unique.  Please Contact Us to discuss your application in detail.