Ocean going vessels were the first place that Cathodic Protection was implemented to prevent corrosion.  To this day it is still a critical part of the corrosion control industry.  You can find American Carbon products prevention corrosion on jetties, spillways, ships and boats, offshore platforms, underwater pipelines, wharves and piers, floating storage and offloading units, docks and mooring systems, shipwrecks and marine archaeological sites, and desalination plants across the coastline of North America.  Our BADGERCOAST line of galvanic anodes is the place to start when looking at these often customized shapes.  We have also constructed a number of customized solutions based on our BADGERCAST line of high silicon cast iron anodes.

The purpose of cathodic protection is to extend the lifespan of metal structures by preventing corrosion and preserving the integrity of the structures. It is crucial for maintaining the safety and performance of these structures over time, as corrosion can cause structural damage and pose a risk to their stability.

For vessels and ships the BADGERCUSTOM and BADGERCOAST products often attached via many different methods from welding to bolt on.  We also employ plastisol coating to a number of anodes as required to ensure better manage the consumption rate.  Whether it be a complex impressed current system or retrofitting a couple galvanic anodes, American Carbon is ready to tackle your next project.

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