Product Sheets and Technical Datasheets

As a manufacturer and supply chain specialist, American Carbon strives to have all of the answers you demand.  If you have a specific question about our products or the industries we serve please visit our frequently asked questions page.  Also, below you will find our complete technical document library we have for our products and technical data sheets in PDF format.  Technical drawings for most anodes or materials are also available upon request.

Name Description File Name
10 Series BADGERCOMP Graphite Anode Product Information Sheet BADGERCOMP_GRAPH.pdf
20 Series BADGERCAST HSCI Anode Product Information Sheet BADGERCAST_HSCI.pdf
30 Series BADGERCORD Zinc Ribbon Product Information Sheet BADGERCORD_ZINC.pdf
40 Series BADGERCONNECT Magnesium Anode Product Information Sheet BADGERCONNECT_MG.pdf
60 Series BADGERCOAT Mixed Metal Oxide Anode Product Information Sheet BADGERCOAT_MMO.pdf
Name Description File Name
10-x01 Impregnated Graphite Technical Data Sheet 10-x01 series.pdf
10-x02 Wax Treated Graphite Technical Data Sheet 10-x02 series.pdf
10-x03 Resin Treated Graphite Technical Data Sheet 10-x03 series.pdf
20-100 BADGERCAST Stick Anode Technical Data Sheet 20-100 series.pdf
20-300 BADGERCAST Tubular Anode Technical Data Sheet 20-300 series.pdf
30-x00 BADGERCORD Zinc Ribbon Technical Data Sheet 30-x00 series.pdf
40-x00 ACC Cast Magnesium Anode Technical Data Sheet 40-x00 series.pdf
40-800 ACC Extruded Magnesium Anode Technical Data Sheet 40-800 series.pdf
60-x00 Mixed Metal Oxide Technical Data Sheet 60-x00 series.pdf
60-900 BADGERFLEX Technical Data Sheet 60-900 series.pdf
Name Description File Name
50-100 ACC 100 Series Extruded Graphite Technical Data Sheet 50-100 series.pdf
50-200 ACC 200 Series Extruded Graphite Technical Data Sheet 50-200 series.pdf
50-300 ACC 300 Series Molded Graphite Technical Data Sheet 50-300 series.pdf
50-400 ACC1010 Graphite Technical Data Sheet 50-400 series.pdf
50-500 ACC 500 Series Iso-Mold Graphite Technical Data Sheet 50-500 series.pdf
40-700 Ultralight Magnesium Alloys 40-700 series.