Infrastructure is often overlooked as a prime application for cathodic protection.  Roadways, bridges, tunnels, reinforced concrete structures, water storage tanks, railway tracks, power transmission towers, and metal culverts and stormwater systems, tunnels, dams and other metallic structures critical to our everyday life are all susceptible to corrosion.  In the past both private and public engineers have used useful life as a design measure. That useful life was often thought to be in the 50 to 60 year range.  The problem is most if not all infrastructure is being used past its design life.  This is requiring a mindset shift to retrofit projects to maintain their structural integrity when possible.  According to the American Society of Civil Engineers the infrastructure of the United States is in significant disrepair.  Unfortunately proactive repairs are lagging behind not to mention the projects with even more forethought like preventative maintenance such as cathodic protection is going undone.

American Carbon is working to change this narrative and increase the awareness of the value of cathodic protection on our infrastructure.  Almost all of our anode lines from BADGERCONNECT Magnesium Anodes to BADGERCOAT Mixed Metal Oxide Anodes have a place in protecting these important tools of our economy.  In the past corrosion of metallic structures had been considered inevitable.  With our advanced products this is no longer the case.  To learn more about how our products are protecting global infrastructure, read through the different anode types below.

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