American Carbon Company is a premier manufacturer of dimensionally stable anodes for electrolysis applications.  The history of electrolysis dates back centuries with Michael Faraday giving the process a name in the early 1800s.  By passing direct current energy through an electrolyte which produces a chemical reaction at the electrodes.  Electrode materials can be made of nearly any conductive material, such as graphite, metals or semiconductors.  BADGERCHROME dimensionally stable anodes are the premier choice for many applications.

BADGERCHROME anodes benefit from being able to increase product life and better isolate the desired reaction through the reduced reactivity of the anode in the reaction.

BADGERCHROME anodes generally start with a titanium substrate and are then coated through thermal deposition with different coatings depending on the intended application and desired electrolyte being used.  While the below links are not an exhaustive list of our applications, it is a good starting place to learn about our capabilities.  Contact us today to talk about your specific application and we will quickly produce samples and complete runs to get your system up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.