BADGERCOAT Mixed Metal Oxide

American Carbon Company Mixed Metal Oxide anodes are an easily installed investment to protect many structures.  By using a very strong but nearly inert base metal, titanium, and coating it with a highly conductive rare earth metal coating, mixed metal oxide anodes have become a mainstay in both cathodic protection and electrolysis applications.  The mixed metal oxide coating (called such due to the thermal deposition method by which it is applied) not only creates a path of conductivity, but it also increases the effective surface area of the anode through the use of micro fissures in the coating.  In other words the coating is not perfectly flat on top allowing greater surface are than traditionally calculated for anodes (circumference multiplied by cylinder length).  This increased surface area coupled with the unique anode makeup creates an exceedingly robust anode.  Furthermore, our in-house engineers are able to adjust or recommend the best rare earth composition and thickness based on your exact application, environment and/or immersion solution.

American Carbon Mixed Metal Oxide come in many standard shapes and sizes as well as the ability to coat any imaginable titanium substrate shape.  To learn about both our standard designs as well as our fully custom capabilities, please follow the link to our Sizes and Types.

While for a time, mixed metal oxide anodes were considered the end all solution to all future cathodic protection applications, it is clear that there are some limitations to these anodes, and a thorough understanding of these parameters is paramount to a successful long term ground bed.  Please review our brief Application Guide to gain a better understanding if Mixed Metal Oxide anodes are the best fit for your installation.

Constantly innovating, the manufacturing process used is undergoing a rigorous improvement process for both efficiency and functionality.  Please follow this link to learn more about our Manufacturing Process.