Cathodic Protection

Mixed Metal Oxide has become a jack of all trades for the Cathodic Protection industry.  From tubular anodes in both conventional and deep ground-bed configurations, to linear groundbeds that closely follow pipelines and storage tanks with BADGERCABLE and ribbon and wire anodes, and even as an additive to reinforced concrete protecting our bridges, buildings and parking structures from degradation.  The flexibility of mixed metal oxide comes from the plethora of shapes, sizes, and relatively high output to
surface area ratio.


Mixed metal oxide anodes exhibit many benefits over conventional materials used in electrolytic processes due to its long life and variable sizes.  Perhaps the largest growing field for this product is the trivalent chrome industry.  It is clear that government regulation is pushing more and more for hexavalent chrome operations to switch to the much more environmentally – and workplace – friendly trivalent chrome process.  Mixed Metal oxide is ideal for long term anode life in these solutions, not to mention the ability to create custom auxiliary anodes to ensure proper coverage in even the hardest to reach corners of a part. Other applications for electrolysis include precious metal recoveries and electrowinning. Perhaps one of the most interesting applications for mixed metal oxide anodes is saltwater swimming pools. These pools are not chlorinated but instead use anodes to create chlorine gas to chlorinate the pool. Visit our BADGERCHROME page to learn more.

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