Carbon and Graphite Powders

Graphite powders have long been additive materials to many common applications.  Perhaps the most basic additive application is paints and epoxies.  Graphite powders can increase the conductivity of a coating and reduce the friction of the coating.  Couple that with the most basic stand alone application as a dry lubricant and graphite powder has its place in even the most simple applications.

Perhaps the most advanced application is lithium ion batteries.  For every gram of lithium in a battery, most lithium ion batteries require approximately 6.25 grams of flake graphite powder.  This graphite powder needs to be strictly monitored and quality assured for roundness and grain size.  American Carbon meets the needs of our customers through vigorous quality control measures to ensure our powders meet the specifications.

Whether a need for graphite powder is arising out a basic application or a highly technical strict specification, American Carbon has the capabilities to provide the right powder to fit your need.  Please Contact Us to discuss your needs further.