BADGERCUSTOM Specialty Anodes

BADGERCUSTOM solutions are anode related accessories and amplifiers. Over the years we have used our expertise to help customers streamline their processes and production. Sometimes this is through adding value to an existing process – such as offering wax treatment for graphite anodes instead of bare graphite (yes this product started in our BADGERCUSTOM vertical before moving to its own identity as BADGERCOMP Graphite Anodes.

In other instances we have developed a completely new alloy for a one off project. Examples of this have included a special ferrous alloy for a desalination plant.

But perhaps the largest BADGERCUSTOM product line is in small accessories that often go one to one with every anode used. Connectors, shrink sleeves, and even HMWPE cable can be provided as a turnkey solution through our BADGERCUSTOM line. We know that tracking inventory is a difficult and time intensive task. The idea behind the BADGERCUSTOM line is to reduce your vendors per build to ensure that you have everything you need on site to assemble your anode. There is nothing worse than an overstock of one part due to a delay in a complementary part such as the connector. When everything comes in the same crate you can construct it to the end user’s demands just in time to meet their delivery. Just add your labor for a ready produced solution.