Frankly electrolysis in general covers almost the complete product line of anodes that American Carbon produces.  Even Cathodic Protection anodes are undergoing the process of electrolysis to be effective.  In this case however we will focus on a number of key industries that all use anodes in the same way.  These are surface finishing, electrowinning (or precious metal recovery) and water treatment.

Surface finishing has traditionally been dominated by hexavalent chrome coatings.  This tested but dirty process uses anodes made of carbon or graphite, zinc or even lead.  While American Carbon does not get involved much with the lead anodes, we are often providing auxiliary anodes for specialty processes.  BADGERCOAT Mixed Metal Oxide Anodes are a great resource to start with.  All signs point to the hexavalent chrome industry slowly going away - in fact it is already limited or near non-existent in Europe.  The future is trivalent chrome process while still not perfect is a better alternative for the environment.  For trivalent chrome applications, including raw titanium anode baskets, look at BADGERCHROME Anodes.



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