High Plains High Silicon Cast Iron

March 7, 2023

American Carbon has been providing high silicon cast iron anodes to the high plains since early 2005. BADGERCAST stick anodes have performed exceptionally, with no failed anodes from installation. With assembly being done in the field, we have reported almost zero percent breakage rate. This is no small feat when these anodes are being wired year round in all weather conditions.

In addition BADGERCAST® tubular anodes are being installed in these harsh conditions.  While these anodes require shop assembly due to the required cure time and epoxy protection, they still are vast and easy to assemble.  With only a little over 50% of all casings cathodically protected in the Southwest, there is an inherent need to continue installing cathodic protection systems on active well casings.

These extended supply contracts are a testament to our quality and capabilities.


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