BadgerCast HSCI Anodes (SiFeCr)

Superior Corrosion Protection by American Carbon Company

At American Carbon Company, we take pride in providing cutting-edge solutions for corrosion protection in a variety of industries. Our BadgerCast HSCI Anodes (SiFeCr), crafted from High Silicon Cast Iron (SiFeCr), exemplify our commitment to excellence. 

These anodes are specifically engineered to offer unparalleled performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness in combating corrosion. We have the best customized HSCI anode solutions for sale!

Immediate Solutions at Your Fingertips

At American Carbon, we understand the urgency of your projects. Our team proudly stocks all common sizes of tubular and stick anodes, ready for immediate shipping. 

Tubular Anodes

Our tubular anodes allows you to explore modern corrosion protection solutions .These anodes redefine efficiency by offering a higher surface area. 

While their slightly thinner cross-section may present challenges during placement, the industry has overwhelmingly embraced their effectiveness.

Experience the advantages of reduced anode requirements per groundbed, maximizing the overall efficiency of your corrosion protection system.

Stick Anodes

Commercially available for an extended period, our stick anodes have a proven track record of successful applications. 

Their adaptability shines through on-site assembly, accommodating variations in depth due to unpredictable site conditions. 

While their surface area-to-weight ratio may be lower compared to tubular anodes, their time-tested effectiveness makes them a valuable choice for specific scenarios.

Key Features

High Silicon Cast Iron Composition

Our BadgerCast HSCI anodes are manufactured using a premium blend of silicon, iron, and chromium, creating a robust alloy that resists corrosion effectively.

Exceptional Corrosion Resistance

The unique composition of SiFeCr ensures outstanding corrosion resistance in diverse environments, making our anodes ideal for applications in marine, industrial, and infrastructure settings.

Longevity and Durability

Our high-quality industrial HSCI anodes boast a prolonged service life, reducing the frequency of replacements and associated maintenance costs. This durability ensures consistent corrosion protection over an extended period.


These anodes are versatile and can be employed in various applications, including offshore structures, pipelines, water treatment facilities, and more. The adaptability of BadgerCast HSCI anodes makes them a reliable choice for a wide range of industries.

Efficient Electrochemical Performance

Our industrial Grade HSCI Anodes exhibit superior electrochemical properties, providing efficient cathodic protection to safeguard critical assets from corrosion-related damage.

Applications of BADGERCAST HSCI Anodes (SiFeCr)

BADGERCAST High Silicon Cast Iron anodes have found extensive application throughout the United States, owing to their remarkable stability and extended lifespan, making them adaptable to various conditions.

Versatile Installations

The majority of these anodes are strategically placed in deep ground beds, commonly associated with natural groundwater occurrences. This positioning is particularly beneficial due to the inherent stability and durability of BADGERCAST anodes.

Optimal Surface Contact

To ensure effective cathodic protection, most installations are paired with a carbonaceous backfill. This practice guarantees robust surface contact between the anode and the surrounding earth, enhancing the efficiency of corrosion prevention measures. 

It is worth noting that, in specific instances with the right soil composition, BADGERCAST High Silicon Cast Iron anodes may be installed without a coke backfill, showcasing their adaptability to diverse environmental conditions.

Key Applications Include

Marine Structures

Deep ground beds near coastal regions benefit from the stability and longevity of BADGERCAST anodes, protecting marine structures from corrosive elements.

Infrastructure Projects

Highways, bridges, and other critical infrastructure installations leverage BADGERCAST High Silicon Cast Iron anodes for reliable and long-lasting corrosion protection in diverse soil conditions.

Oil and Gas Facilities

Deep ground beds in oil and gas facilities utilize BADGERCAST anodes to safeguard pipelines and associated structures against corrosion, ensuring the integrity of vital assets.

Water Treatment Facilities

BADGERCAST anodes contribute to the longevity of water treatment facilities by providing efficient cathodic protection, even in challenging soil compositions.

Why BADGERCAST High Silicon Cast Iron Anodes?

Proven Stability

These anodes are renowned for their stability and extended lifespan, ensuring consistent corrosion protection in various applications.


The flexibility to be installed with or without a coke backfill showcases the adaptability of BADGERCAST anodes to different soil compositions.

Strategic Staging

In complex environments with multiple groundwater layers, BADGERCAST anodes can be strategically staged for optimal performance, providing tailored solutions to unique challenges.

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