American Carbon offers in stock for immediate shipping all common sizes of both tubular and stick anodes. Each type of anode has an ideal application. Stick anodes, having been commercially available for a longer time are a more traditional anode, but their surface area to weight ratio is low and therefore are less efficient over longer periods of time. At the same time assembly of stick anodes is possible in the field where the depth may vary due to unknown site conditions. Tubular anodes, have a higher surface area, but are slightly more difficult to place due to the thinner anode cross section. The industry has almost fully adopted tubular anodes for the added surface area and ability to reduce the number of anodes required per groundbed.  Click on the links below to learn about our different High Silicon Cast Iron anodes.

A copy of the MSDS technical information for BADGERCAST anodes can be found in PDF form on the below link.

20 Series MSDS