American Carbon is at the forefront of this emerging nano-material.  Our team of researchers and product developers have been working with a number of laboratories, product manufacturers, and end-users to develop products that are economically viable for commercial applications in today’s market.

There is no doubt that graphene is on a trajectory to significantly change the world as we know it today.  By strict definition graphene is a one atom thick nano particle connected in a honeycomb lattice structure.  When compared to steel, it is over 100 times stronger by size (and a University of Massachusetts study found it may be able to absorb as much as 10 time more energy before failing)  When compared to copper, graphene is much more electronically conductive (although much more brittle). And finally, graphene is rewriting Fournier’s law of thermal conduction which defines how a solid absorbs heat.  While these three amazing discoveries are impressive by themselves, the nearly invisible nature of the structure leads to nearly unlimited applications to better everyday products from electronics to lubricants to coatings and even water treatment.

American Carbon, while always looking at the material as a whole, is currently focusing on a number of specific markets.  Follow the links below to learn more about graphene and how American Carbon can make your product better.