Every water utility across North America needs to consider the life expectancy of their water distribution infrastructure.  The foundation of North America's standard of living is potable drinking water just a turn of the knob away from nearly every person. Miles and miles of pipelines and storage tanks distribute water through locally managed water utilities to support this mission.  Water utilities with forward thinking administrators include some form of Cathodic Protection in both their distribution network as well as their storage tanks to increase the life of the system.  American Carbon BADGERCONNECT Extruded Magnesium Anodes are a prime solution for these applications.

Many parts of the globe have unsafe or insufficient drinking water to meet demand.  American Carbon is a partner to provide clean drinking water to these locations.  The largest such application is desalination plants in places situated close to oceans and other large saltwater bodies of water that have little or no freshwater sources.  This type of water processing facility may become a reality in places such as California where water from the Colorado River is not a large enough source to supply the region with the required fresh water.  The primary anode used for these applications almost always falls under our BADGERCUSTOM product line, where the material composition is not a common off the shelf offering.  Let American Carbon work with your engineers to find the perfect material for your desalination project.

Many types of hypochlorite production rely on BADGERCHROME Anodes. Sodium hypochlorite, in particular, is widely used as a bleach and sanitizer due to its ability to kill bacteria and viruses. It is also effective at removing stains and whitening fabric. Additionally, hypochlorites are used in water treatment to remove impurities and disinfect the water, making it safe to drink. Calcium hypochlorite is used as a swimming pool disinfectant and a bleach for paper and textiles. Hypochlorite is also used in food processing to sanitize equipment and surfaces. Overall, the production of hypochlorite serves a crucial role in maintaining public health and hygiene.


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