MMO Manufacturing Process

The introduction of mixed metal oxide to the cathodic protection industry was not without its bumps. By it’s nature mixed metal oxide creates large volumes of chlorine gas (the same reason it is an excellent choice in electrolysis systems) when they are in a working environment. This fact alone led to some changes in the finished product components, most notably the use of HALAR or Kynar coated cable for connections (standard HMWPE is susceptible to accelerated degradation when placed in high concentrations of chlorine gas).

While these initial setbacks did slow the growth of mixed metal oxide in the industry, engineers have developed standards that ensure a sound installation. American Carbon mixed metal oxide anodes go through a rigorous manufacturing and quality control testing process to ensure there are no unforeseen complications.

By using an automated process to manufacture our anodes, we have numerous points along the way to confirm the thickness and coating quality of the mixed metal oxide. The primary process used is called thermal decompositon to adhere the coating to the titanium substrate. This process is more than a paint as it creates a covalent bond between the titanium and the coating to ensure they act as one solitary material. Quality in the coating is paramount given the often high heat and highly acidic service environments these anodes are destined for.

In developing American Carbon mixed metal oxide anodes we have had the pleasure to private label many different specific shapes and output requirements to meet a specific requirement of our customers. These private labeled anodes can be constructed to the customer’s proprietary requirements for their exclusive and specify use.

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