Surface Finishing

The case for switching from traditional soluble anodes to modern insoluble anodes has never been stronger.  With regulatory requirements discouraging hexavalent chrome processes, and the challenges of soluble anodes on a system, now is the time to consider switching to dimensionally stable insoluble BADGERCHROME mixed metal oxide anodes.

As an insoluble anode BADGERCHROME anodes add almost zero impurities to the electrolyte.  Contrasting with lead and graphite anodes where operators need to closely monitor hazardous substances such lead chromate and lead oxide.  Our clean running anodes make monitoring a micro-tuning process rather than a macro-tuning one.

As a dimensionally stable anode, BADGERCHROME anodes keep their shape regardless of usage duration.  Anodes that dissolve over time require constant voltage adjustments to match anode current surface area to electroplating requirements.  As a traditional anode dissolves, the product quality has constant creep downward in the ever changing system.  BADGERCHROME anodes maintain a constant inter-electrode gap right up to the very end of anode life.

The final and perhaps the most beneficial feature of BADGERCHROME Mixed Metal Oxide anodes is we have the capabilities to refurbish any anode we have made.  Where soluble anodes typically exceed their useful life relatively quickly compared to weight, BADGERCHROME anodes utilize a reusable titanium framework.  After a cleaning and recoating process, BADGERCHROME anodes are ready for their second and third life, greatly reducing the lifetime cost of the anode.

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Constant voltage through anode life
Predictable end product quality
Proven lower anodic operating potentials
Increased energy savings through uniform current distribution
Increased flexibility in shapes and sizes for better coverage
High mechanical stability
High thermal stability
No breakdown product buildup
Recovery and replating services
Custom BADGERCHROME Design Parameters to Consider
Base Material: Grade 1 Titanium
Coatings: Iridium, platinum, and other mixed metal oxide as required
Coating Thickness: 0.1 µm to several hundred µm
Shape: Mesh, plates, sheets, tubes, rods, customized
Operating life: 3 years or per your specification
Common Applications
Electrogalvanizing (zinc plating), including steel strip plating
Precious metal plating
Hard chromium plating
Copper plating, copper foil production and copper foil treatment
PCB copper plating