Water Treatment

As one of our most limited, but also most overlooked resources, clean fresh water is one of the most critical natural resources we have.  One of the largest untapped sources of fresh water covers nearly 70% of the earth’s surface – our oceans.  While we didn’t invent the technique of electrochlorination, we have refined it such that it is a cost effective and reasonable solution to producing water that is not only safe for human consumption and use, but also reduces the wear and corrosion on systems that use water for cooling.

By using low voltage DC current through an electrolyzer cell, the saltwater is electrolyzed and produces sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen gas.  Sodium hypochlorite provides a chlorinated system that effectively disinfects the water.  From a forward looking perspective, the production of hydrogen is looked at as an energy source of the future.  Picture coasts around the world, both producing clean, safe drinking water AND clean sustainable energy through the same process.  This symbiotic system will be the future and we are proud to be on the forefront of this technology.

BADGERCHROME anodes are the premier option for all water treatment operations.  Contact us today to start designing the perfect anode for your application or form a partnership for your research and development of new processes and technologies.

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Constant voltage through anode life
Predictable end product quality
Proven lower anodic operating potentials
Increased energy savings through uniform current distribution
Increased flexibility in shapes and sizes for increased throughput
High mechanical stability
High thermal stability
No breakdown product buildup
Less chemical intense process compared to traditional solutions
Custom BADGERCHROME Design Parameters to Consider
Base Material: Grade 1 Titanium
Coatings: Iridium, platinum, and other mixed metal oxide as required
Coating Thickness: 0.1 µm to several hundred µm
Shape: Mesh, plates, sheets, tubes, rods, customized
Complete system design options for turnkey solutions
Common Applications
Aquatics and pools
Potable water treatment
Wastewater treatment
Odor and corrosion control
Water clarification