Development History

American Carbon has been providing BADGERCORD Zinc Ribbon to North America and other global markets for nearly 15 years. However, we learned early in the trial stage that our zinc ribbon, that although it met all of chemical, electrochemical and dimensional requirements of zinc ribbon, was not easily installed in all field conditions.

It was at this time that American Carbon employed the knowledge and resources of the University of Wisconsin – Madison to do some serious metallurgical work on the zinc ribbon. The original non-production version was found to crack when it was flexed excessively or bent into too tight of a radius in cold weather installations. These symptoms can still be seen on some other zinc ribbon anodes that are currently being imported.

After over 2 years of research and development, and 5 generations of zinc ribbon, BADGERCORD as available today was finally born. The Technical Comparison page details that BADGERCORD meets or exceeds all of the commonly accepted metrics for handling zinc ribbon in the field.