Zinc Ribbon Applications

BADGERCORD Zinc Ribbon has been extensively used on numerous different types of projects, from cathodic protection in pipeline installations to above ground storage tank ground mats and AC mitigation. The versatility of BADGERCORD makes it a great solution for your upcoming cathodic protection projects.In pipeline applications, BADGERCORD is a great solution to combat holidays in well coated pipes. Properly placed and connected BADGERCORD adds peace of mind to systems where coating holidays are inevitable.

Some of our customers prefer to sell BADGERCORD in factory assembled configurations to be placed below above ground storage tanks. This application is an excellent way to eliminate field work suseptible to errors as well as ensuring even current distribution.

Currently the most common application of BADGERCORD is AC mitigation. With right of way space becoming limited and easements more difficult to obtain, energy companies are more often sharing easement corridors with utility companies. Electrical interference is causes problems both to utilities as well as posing danger to personnel working near the pipeline and powerline.  When installed as a part of an engineered system, BADGERCORD zinc ribbon can help prevent all three types of AC interference including inductive coupling, resistive coupling and even capacitive coupling during pipeline installations.

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