MMO for Cathodic Protection

American Carbon mixed metal oxide anodes for Cathodic Protection primarily utilize one rare earth metal coating.  This coating is specifically designed for use in bare soil or more commonly carbonaceous backfill.  Given the ease with which MMO anodes can be installed – even in retroactive installations – installing these anodes absent a good carbonaceous backfill bedding is not entirely uncommon, especially with ribbon installations in above ground storage tanks.  The data below is based on installation in carbonaceous backfill, for your specific performance in your installation environment, please contact us.  Below lists our standard tubular MMO anodes.

Product Code Common Name Dimensions Standard Current Output (A/m) Design Life (yrs)
60-101 TiAnode Standard 39.4″ (1000 mm) x 1” (25.4 mm) dia. 2″ (51 mm) 20
60-102 TiAnode Large 48″ (1219 mm) x 1.25” (31.75 mm) dia. 2″ (51 mm) 20
60-103 TiAnode Small 48″ (1219 mm) x 1” (19.05 mm) dia. 3″ (76 mm) 20

*Other sizes and design life are available upon request.  Current Output and design life above based upon anode being placed in carbonaceous coke backfill.  Actual performance can and will vary depending on installation environment.

In addition to our tubular anodes, we offer a wide range of ribbons, wires, mesh and accessories for Cathodic Protection Applications.

Product CodeCommon NameDimensionsStandard Current Output (A/m)Design Life (yrs)
60-201Wire Anode Standard0.063” x 980’ coil300 mA/m20
60-202Wire Anode Large0.120” x 980’ coil550 mA/m20
60-301Ribbon Anode Standard0.25” x 0.025” x 500’ coil34 mA/m50
60-302Ribbon Anode Large0.50” x 0.025” x 500’ coil68 mA/m50
60-303Ti Conductor Bar0.50” x 0.035” x 500’ coilN/A N/A

*Actual performance can and will vary depending on installation.

Our product technical data sheets are also available in PDF form.  Please click below to download a PDF version of the data sheet.

MMO Cathodic Protection Anodes