American Carbon Electrolysis Anodes cover a very large range of applications where the term electrolysis is used in the most general fashion.  In these applications, the possibilities truly are endless.  Many different industries are just starting to realize the benefits of MMO anodes.  Some of our largest applications to date include precious metal extraction, trivalent chromium electroplating and auto-chlorination processes.

Being fully vertically integrated from titanium substrate production to our thermal decomposition make-up and application process allows us to help design the perfect anode or electrode for any specific need.  At a minimum, the standard application information needed to start calculations includes the expected driving amperage, reaction vessel size and shape, description of the process to be performed, and the solution being used.  As one can imagine, the variables above are endless and all have a significant effect on the design requirement for the specific application.  Working with our engineers American Carbon will quickly narrow down to the exact shape, composition, and quantities of anodes/electrodes for your application.

Our product technical data sheets are also available in PDF form. Please click below to download a PDF version of the data sheet.