All grades of American Carbon graphite are uniform throughout to ensure that they are suitable for machining and wear items.  The grades listed below are our most common and diverse grades that fit the widest variety of applications.


By far, our most versatile graphite from a cost and machining perspective, this graphite has a wide variety of uses where tight tolerances and complex machining is required.  It is a fine-grained, molded graphite with low porosity that is excellent for molds and rupture disks. Some of the products we are most familiar with are molds for the ceramic and abrasive industry, induction heating coils, die pins, screws and bolts, and crucibles for high grade metals.  Rounds are especially suited for continuous casting operations.  We find it meets a market need where many of the attributes of isomolded material are required but the cost structure cannot support true isomolded material.

ACC50-200 and ACC50-300

American Carbon 50-200 and 50-300 series are standard extruded graphite.  50-300 is the most common application – and perhaps the most common graphite used today with its commonly available 0.03″ grain size.  ACC50-200 is similar but with a larger tolerance on grain size (up to 0.08″ grain size). Still featuring uniform, flaw free composition – and strictly controlled grain size – these grades are excellent options when complex machined and frequently replaced wear parts are the use.  Typical application of this material are furnace parts and protection, crucibles for low grade metals, boats and trays for sintering applications, thermite welding, and aluminum gas injection system parts.