Most often American Carbon provides standard size blocks with minor surface machining done to ensure tolerances and quality control.  We often provide custom block sizes to customers for further machining at their facility.

Take for example,  ACC50-300 material.  This material is most often ordered in large blocks of 16” x 25” x 72”.  A customer can get the best yields from a piece dimensionally 16” x 25” x 20”.  A standard block yields 3 parts and a 16” x 25” x 12” (minus kerf) cutoff to sit on the shelf waiting for the “right” project to use it on.

When you order from American Carbon, we custom cut the blocks into tolerance meeting individual pieces per your requirements.  You pay only for what is shipped, and at almost the same price per pound as you would for the large block.  It allows you to reduce inventory, scrap, up-front costs, and start the complicated machining faster.  This is an excellent benefit that frees up machine time and increases efficiency in any machine shop – especially those with long same part number runs!