Magnesium Sandbox – Novel Applications

All of us at American Carbon are truly fascinated with innovation. We are constantly striving to develop new applications for the materials we work with. Sometimes they work, sometimes the existing solution is still the better option when all variables are considered.

We aren’t unique in calling this area our sand box, but we take that term very seriously – or at least as serious as you can. American Carbon will work with you on an extremely confidential basis to develop your novel product. We provide insight, material recommendations, and prototypes for your exclusive use. If it looks like this is a going to be a viable solution, great, American Carbon is ready to support you in production. If not, no big deal, let’s knock it over and start again.

We cannot emphasize enough the value this process has derived for our customers. It isn’t often you can find a material vendor willing to roll up their sleeves and work with you to build a novel product.

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