Die-Casting and Extrusions

Let’s assume you need something more turnkey than magnesium alloy ingots. You may be exploring making an existing part out of magnesium in the future, or perhaps you are looking at a new assembly completely and don’t have the capabilities to die cast magnesium in house. American Carbon has the solution for you. Our die-casting job shop will provide you with a high quality product at a very competitive price. Our unique position allows us to focus on small one off projects or set up a long term production line to meet monthly or even weekly demand. Our flexibility allows you to work with American Carbon through the entire product life cycle from product inception, prototyping, mass manufacturing and even in-housing production all with no growing pains or change over in your supply chain.

The extrusion line is even more advanced with multiple shapes and sizes available as stock items and the ability to develop custom extrusions for your specific need.

Please Contact Us today to talk about your specific needs and application. We will provide insight on the best course of action for your project.