Welcome to the inaugural American Carbon Company Pinewood Derby!  Everyone remembers the days of the pinewood racer when they were kids, but don't you wish you could build one today to the exact specifications you want.  Or maybe you have a child in Scouts who builds one annually and it takes everything in your power to not grab that block of wood and start shaping it into the perfect specimen of a downhill racer.  Well, here is your chance.  This winter American Carbon will be hosting a pinewood derby for you!  Here is how it will work.

Fill out the form below and we will send you an official pinewood derby kit and a copy of the official rules (they are pretty lax).  Included in the package will be a return label.  All you have to do it design, build and paint your car and ship it back in the same box before February 15.  We will livestream the race some time in early March (and a highlight reel will be available on YouTube afterwards as well).

The entire paddock will be on display at the American Carbon booth 1255 at AMPP Annual Conference in Denver!

Download a complete copy of the rules here.