BADGERCORD Zinc Ribbon Anodes for AC Mitigation

Land has always been at a premium in the United States, but a special emphasis has been placed on it over the last decade or so.  Gaining easements through private property is becoming more and more difficult with landowners becoming less willing to grant such easements.  Couple this with the fact that there is an increased need and greater number of pipelines and power transmission lines crossing the country and its clear that pioneering a new easement across the country is not always ideal. Read More

High Plains High Silicon Cast Iron

American Carbon has been providing high silicon cast iron anodes to the high plains since early 2005. BADGERCAST stick anodes have performed exceptionally, with no failed anodes from installation. With assembly being done in the field, we have reported almost zero percent breakage rate. This is no small feat when these anodes are being wired year round in all weather conditions. Read More

Magnesium Quality – G97 Test Explained

Low Quality magnesium anode installation and premature anode failure is a concern that is not discussed enough in this industry. People often say to us, magnesium is magnesium – what is the difference. When the end user purchases their magnesium they likely never see it or if they do it is almost always packed away in a bag filled with gypsum and bentonite – nothing exciting to look at that’s for sure. Herein lies the problem. Read More